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 Our mission is to extend compassion to the neglected poor. 


HOPE International Development Agency exists to improve the supply of basic human necessities for families suffering from extreme poverty in the Third World and to challenge, educate, and involve people in developed nations in the process.


Our overall goals:


  1. To assist the neglected poor in the developing world to become self-reliant.

  2. To encourage the development of the whole person.

  3. To inform and educate people in developed nations about issues in the developing world.

  4. To motivate the people of developed nations to take action in support of the developing world.

  5. To facilitate active participation of the people of developed nations and the developing world.




Message from the Chairperson of the Board of Directors

Paul Dupuis, Board of Directors Chairperson

Message from the Chairperson of the Board of Directors

Paul Dupuis, Board of Directors Chairperson

Dear Friends of HOPE,


Like many supporters of HOPE, my first encounter came by coincidence back in 2006 when I met Lowell Sheppard, of HOPE International Development Agency (HOPE JP). At that time, HOPE was a grassroots community of good-hearted, thoughtful people with a clear mission to help the neglected poor.


I joined him on a visit to Cambodia to see first-hand how the effectiveness of HOPE`s work in helping to lift people out of poverty. I met Chin Lip and her family on that first trip, an extremely poor family where the children, parents and grandparents were reliant on digging earthworms for fisherman for a living. This was one of many families we committed to help who were literally living from hand to mouth. person.

Fast forward to 2016 and Mrs. Chin Lip is now fully self-reliant and has hope for the future. She is typical of 100`s of others of families supported by HOPE. One cannot help but be inspired to meet families like this one whose lives have been transformed by the simple gift of clean water.


During the same time, HOPE JP has been on an incredible journey of growth and maturity. Our membership has expanded significantly among the Japanese and foreign communities with increasing support from both Japanese and foreign companies operating in Japan. In 2013, we achieved the distinctive status as “nintei” (official NPO) from the Japanese government and are one of only a select few organizations to work closely with, and receive sizable grants from, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) to support our projects. We also continue to be involved in the recovery efforts of Tohoku. Beyond the initial emergency phase, we helped start and restart 70 initiatives in 20 communities. Through the work of the Genki Japan Fund and our friends at Shop Japan, we continue to work with children suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome in Miyagi.


Our annual galas and charity dinners in Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo are inspiring events, where guests have the opportunity to learn about HOPE and become part of our mission to help the neglected poor. We also hold information sessions and a variety of fundraising events throughout the year, largely driven by our volunteer supporters across Japan.


HOPE’s mission has not changed since we first launched in Japan 15 years ago. We continue to stay focused on our efforts to support the neglected poor and raise awareness about the urgent need for help. Although the need is always greater than our capacity to deliver, I’m encouraged by the efforts of our volunteers – good people coming together to do “good”. Most importantly, we believe in the power of the community to make changes. In the words of our former Chair, Harry Hill, we are a `people to people` organization. We will continue to honour this core principle in everything we do.


On behalf of the Board of HOPE Japan, thank you for your interest and warm support in our efforts to help give those in need hope for a brighter future. We look forward to welcoming you to our community.


Paul Dupuis

Board of Directors Chairperson.



HOPE International Development Agency


June 2001


Board of Directors Chairperson : Paul Dupuis
Board of Directors : Prof. Yoshiharu Masuda (Vice Chair), Robert Claar (Vice Chair),
David McKenzie, Harry A. Hill, Erin Sakakibara, Michael Alfant, Raymond Klein,
Lowell Sheppard, Stephen Houck, Yoshiko Zoet-Suzuki


Dr. Yusaku Sakakibara, David E. Case


Community development, health and sanitation, employment training, emergency relief


Hide Ishida, Takashi Kondo, Steve Burson, Phillip Rubel, Michel Weenick, Robert Roche


Afghanistan, India, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Haiti, Pakistan, The Philippines, Myanmar, Laos


(NPO) Japan Platform
(NPO) Nagoya NGO Center
(NPO) Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC)


Executive Director: Lowell Sheppard
Executive Coordinator: Elise N’Diaye
Fundraiser: Fuminori Matsuura (Nagoya:  Elena Omura (Tokyo:
Office staff:  Eiko Shibata, Natsumi Mizuno
Tohoku Development Officer: Kanako Kinoshita






Board of Directors





Statutory Auditor 






Project Sights 



Affiliated Organizations 





Organization outline

Find us


HOPE International Development Agency in Japan
2F Kamiya Bld., 1-16-2 Sakae
ku, Nagoya, Japan, 460-0008
TEL: 052-204-0530,  FAX: 052-204-0531


Office Hours: 10:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday
(Closed on Saturdays, 
Sundays and Japanese national holidays)



Nagoya Subway : 7 minute walk from Fushimi Station Exit 6 (Higashiyama/Tsurumai Line)
JR :
20 minute walk from Nagoya Station

①Fushimi Exit 6
②HOPE Office

International Offices:


Canada: 214 Sixth Street, New Westminster, BC, V3L 3A2 Canada

USA: 55 East Monroe, 40th Floor, Chicago, IL, 60603, USA

UK: 15 Newland, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LNI IXG, UK
Australia: 10Badto Ave, Gymea N.S.W 2227, Australia

New Zealand: HOPE NZ Charitable Trust/PO Box 20057, Summerhill, Palmerston North 4448
Afghanistan: Khaja Mashad, District 4th, Kunduz City, Kunduz Province, Afghanistan P.O. Box 9208, PealNheil 2 Village,
Cambodia: Phteat Prey Commune, Sompov Meas District, Cambodia 5th Floor, Chem House, 
Ethiopia: Nifs Silk Lafto Sub-City, P.O. Box 20150 Code 1000, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Myanmar: Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

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