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Our projects are designed to provide effective, long-term assistance to some of the poorest people in the world, in order to help them break out of the cycle of extreme poverty.


Having safe water is the base that connects education, jobs, health and food. We support people to reach independence through wells and water systems,hygiene education.


Microcredits help people get out of the cycle of poverty. HOPE works on Micro loans and Animal banks in Agfanistan and Cambodia. 


Supporting education is an effect way to unstuck the cycle of low income, limited education, which prohibits them from getting a high paying job.


HOPE-JP was originally established to raise funds for the 2001 Gujarat earthquake. When large disasters occur we provide emergency relief.

By Country

Below is a list of countries where HOPE supports poor people to become independent.

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Help them break free of the cycle of extreme poverty




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